vendredi 9 août 2013

Don't Buy Traffic Recon Before You Read This!

I know that people will do anything to get you to buy their products online, so when I heard about Traffic Recon, I was a little skeptical - it sounded just a little too good to be true. I have a friend who knows Matt Callen, the creator of the course, so I asked if I could try it out; if it was as good as they claimed, I would tell my friends about it. Well, it is and I'm telling all internet marketers as much as I can about Traffic Recon.

It is a great SEO course for all online marketers who are watching their online businesses fall apart because they cannot generate the traffic that they need to stay alive. Let's face it; Google is making it harder and harder to get real traffic. Algorithms like Panda and Penguin are not helping. For you to get traffic, let alone get the world to know that you exist, you have to try and figure out how Google is ranking websites.

That is what Matt Callen did; he has been developing software to help clients with traffic for about 10 years, and over that time, through rigorous research, testing and observing results, he managed to understand how to buffer a website against all the changes that are going on today. And to do that, he answers the basic question, "what does Google want?"

Google wants to rank sites according to how many links they have out there. True, other factors like content and on-page optimization come into play, but if you analyze the sites that have consistent good ranking, you will find that they have lots and lots of well placed links.

As an internet marketer, if you can get your link building right, you will be on your way to the top. Traffic Recon has identified ways to help you build your links fast; one thing I can guarantee you is that you will see results right away - I did.

The old link building methods are not effective any more. Websites that ranked highly last year have dropped today because they are relying on these old methods to continue to generate traffic. Traffic Recon is a video course that has scrapped the old way of doing things and brings you the latest tactics in link building. So what exactly will you be getting? I can highlight some of the topics in the course that I feel are most critical:

- The Real Deal with Panda and Penguin
- What Google is looking at in your backlink profile
- A no-nonsense approach to on-page SEO
- Mistakes that marketers use when choosing KW's for ranking
- Developing a Google friendly site WITHOUT over-optimization
- One of the HOTTEST new ways to generate instant and targeted traffic

Traffic Recon is the way for today's internet marketer to go. There is no filler and no fluff - all you get is straight on strategies and tips on what you should be doing today if you want to make Google happy.

If you want to know what works in SEO these days, join Traffic Recon and learn everything you should know to succeed online in 2013. These are proven methods that have worked, currently work and will work for a long time. Click here to join now...